LazyOne critter towels on display at Something's Fishy

some history about something’s fishy, a portland, maine, gift shop

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Something’s Fishy is a family-owned and -operated business, established in 1982, right on Exchange Street in Portland. Originally, Sandra started this venture with her dear friend, Sharon Kelly. The pair wanted to start a business offering products with an animal theme. After some discussion, they decided to go with a fish theme — hence the name, “Something’s Fishy.”

As time went on, however, they found the fish theme to be far too limiting. 

They decided to expand well beyond their formerly fishy motif to carry a wide array of items to truly reflect the vast beauty of our wonderful state and the wants and needs of their customers. They focused on creating a Portland, Maine, gift shop that would offer their customers a wide array of quality gifts and souvenirs, including clothing for all ages, stoneware mugs, fun sleepwear, toys, and a variety of other great items. They hoped their offerings would appeal to visitors and locals alike, providing them with quality items that would be treasured for a lifetime.

It turned out to be a great move. Something’s Fishy grew in such popularity that the pair decided to expand and opened stores in Freeport, Old Orchard Beach, and Cape Elizabeth. But after many years, Sandra decided she’d rather simplify her business and her life. She went back to just being a one-storefront business — back where it all began — on Exchange Street in Portland’s Old Port District.

Sandra now runs the business with her son, Mike, and they enjoy working together and spending time together as a family. They work alongside their dedicated and friendly staff members, who have become like family as well. Sandra and the staff of Something’s Fishy look forward to continuing to provide quality Maine gifts and souvenirs that both visitors and tourists will love.


Store dog, Trudy, out on the boat.
Sarah Jacobson, Michael Jones and Sandy Jones of Somethings Fishy
Above: Sarah Jacobson, Michael Jones, and Sandy Jones of Something’s Fishy.
Also introducing Trudy, resident store dog and sea dog!
Decorative illustration of Bubbles
“We came into this shop looking for some gifts for our children. The woman working the front was one of the nicest people I have ever met. I still comment on her genuine sweetness to my husband from time to time. The shop is absolutely darling and the prices are great.”

-Kate W., St. Louis, MO via YELP!